5th Grade Summer Reading 2020

Entering 5th grade:

  • 2 Books Total: New Kid and one of your choosing
  • Read New Kid by Jerry Craft AND complete the PDF packet (below) on New Kid. 
  • Also read one other book of your choosing. (There is no required assignment for the book of your choosing). 
  • You may choose to complete an optional AR test on New Kid.  If you do, it will be considered extra credit and can be completed at the beginning of the school year. 
  • For those that wish to join in a read-a-loud with the teacher: Sign in under your school ID (28.firstname.lastname@sebrsd.org) and whatever your password from 4th grade is, and then go to Google Classroom. From there, press the + sign in the upper right corner, JOIN CLASS, and enter this code: 725mwvf
  • Your teacher will begin a daily read-aloud (which includes a little discussion and help with this packet) on Monday, July 6 if any kids are interested. The Google Meet link will be posted the week before in that Classroom.
  • Email Mr. Lewis: lewisj@sebrsd.org if you have any questions.