6th Grade Summer Reading 2020

Read: 2 books total: As Brave As You and one of your choosing

As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds AND complete mini summaries on each chapter.  At the beginning of the school year you will take an AR Test on Brave As You. 

Also read one other book of your choosing. (There is no required assignment for the book of your choosing)

Hello! Summer is upon us and we wanted to share some information with you about summer reading. This year we have chosen the book, As Brave As You, by Jason Reynolds. Maybe you have read some of his other books? He is an amazing author! Fun fact, my son, Miles, actually suggested this book for you all to read. He read it last year and really enjoyed it. We love when kids make book suggestions for other kids!

Read the Blurb: As Brave As You, is a story about two teen brothers, Genie and Ernie. Genie’s summer is full of surprises. The first is that he and his big brother, Ernie, are leaving Brooklyn for the very first time to spend
the summer with their grandparents all the way in Virginia — in the country! The second surprise comes when Genie learns that their grandfather is blind.

Being a curious kid, Genie has lots of questions. How does Grandpop match his clothes, know where to walk, cook with a gas stove, or pour a glass of sweet tea without spilling it? Genie thinks Grandpop must be the bravest guy he’s ever known, but he starts to notice that his grandfather never leaves the house. And when he finds the secret room that Grandpop is always disappearing into, he begins to wonder if his grandfather is really so brave after all.

Then Ernie lets him down in the bravery department. It’s his 14th birthday, and Grandpop says that to become a man, he has to learn how to shoot a gun. Genie thinks that is awesome until he realizes Ernie has no interest in learning how to shoot. Dumbfounded by Ernie’s reluctance, Genie is left to wonder: Is bravery and becoming a man only about proving something, or is it just as important to own up to what someone won’t do?

Ms Marc-Aurele and myself, Ms Blake, have created a Google Classroom to help you with the novel! We will post videos of us reading chapters and hold virtual book discussions. Here is our code to join HGBS557. No packet work! Students will be responsible for brief chapter summaries. We hope you will join us! Reach out in the Summer Reading Google classroom stream if you have any questions or need help! We are excited to meet you and read this excellent book with you!

Happy Reading– Ms. Blake and Ms Marc-Aurele