Food Pantry

Mary Queen of the Rosary Food Pantry

Phone: 508-885-3111 x110 Address: 60 Maple St. Spencer, MA 01562

Hours of Operation can be found by calling the food pantry.

Doors open at 8:00 am. Registration begins at 9:30 am. Clients must arrive before 11:00 am in order to be served that day. Unless there is an emergency situation, clients are expected to come only ONCE / month for food. Clients may come weekly to get bread and pastry. There is no need to take a number; tell a volunteer that is what you need.

Food pantry is open 1 evening / month for men and women who WORK FULL-TIME. This is NOT an alternative serving time. Pick up must be between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. Call the pantry for more information, or check the Mary Queen of the Rosary website (Choose ‘Ministries’, then choose ‘Food Pantry’).

ALL CLIENTS are expected to read the notices on the bulletin board every time you come to the Food Pantry. You MUST supply your own bags. Please bring additional plastic bags for us since you usually get more food than your bags will hold. If you are able, help others at the pantry that need assistance. The volunteers at the pantry lift and move at least 200 tons of food a year. We NEED your help and cooperation.

We are an all-volunteer staff and as such, we do not have the capacity to make deliveries. If you can get to the pantry, but need a ride home, we will get you a ride home.

STORMY WEATHER: Please remember that the Pantry is NOT open WHEN school is cancelled due to the weather.